– Our manufacturing plants ensure the recycling of electric and electronic waste (WEEE) ;

– The Tournus Equipement plant is the only factory in France to carry out its Carbon Footprint report.;

– Technical « environmental » sheets are available for all of the products listed in the catalogue ;

– Stainless steel can be completely recycled (and this results in minimal production of greenhouse gases) ;

CHARVET has a strict and rigorous policy concerning the treatment of its waste products, the containing or supressing of emissions, and its efforts to reduce its energy consumption. Charvet also goes to great lengths to use local suppliers in order to limit unnecessary transportation and reduce it’s Carbon Footprint, this includes using a local WEEE centre (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) for end of cycle products.

Watch this video to discover one of CHARVET’s Energy Saving Ideas:

France Kitchen, partner of the Radisson Green Leaf Program

France Kitchen is a partner of Radisson’s ecological programme. The aim of this programme is to achieve Eco-labels for each hotel that is built and to stress the importance and willingness to reduce our carbon footprint and its ecological impact upon the planet.